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Things You Should Know When Choosing A Pocket Tripod

Do you need a pocket tripod?

The pocket tripod is not only easy to carry and versatile, in hiking, travel, or shooting goods, cooking photos can really stabilize the shooting equipment, free your hand and can be said to be a very convenient photography accessory. However, in different brands, single-axis, and three-axis style products, the function, and applicable camera type is not the same, so many novice photographers feel confused when buying.

However, whether amateur or professional photography enthusiasts need to overcome a variety of shooting situations, such as the need for long exposure occasions, always worried about the impact of hand shaking or other factors on the results of photography, this time the tripod is an indispensable tool. But there are many kinds of products on the market, in addition to boasting a strong and durable aluminum alloy, or lightweight carbon fiber and other materials, there are size, structure, height and other detailed specifications need to be confirmed, new or unfamiliar with the user is often difficult to choose.


Tripod classification

Shooting tripod: tripod is usually in accordance with the number of sections of the tripod legs to distinguish, shooting tripod legs are usually more sections, usually three to five sections. Shooting tripod as well as larger, and more suitable for outdoor shooting.

Desktop tripod: desktop tripod is generally used when live, its compact size, easy to carry.

Pocket tripod: here said mini tripod is to put the octopus tripod, this tripod leg section only one section, but it is very flexible, can be bent at will. Suitable for outdoor use.

How to choose a mini pocket tripod for you phone or camera

The following will introduce the weight, weight, tripod height and head and other four key points, if you can buy through the manual or official website to confirm these details, will help to find the right product for you.
First of all, we must examine the type of their own camera, weight and compare the tripod load-bearing capacity, if the installation of heavy cameras, may cause instability, damage to the tripod, or even fall over so that the camera scratched or broken. In addition, readers who intend to install full size large lenses should also pay attention to the weight of the lens when the overall center of gravity shift, if the tripod does not have sufficient balance and support will have the risk of tilting and falling, so no matter what the situation is recommended to choose products with good load capacity as far as possible.

Recommended light weight pocket tripod

Although the mini tripod itself because of the convenience of storage and suitable for travel, hiking, but if it comes to portability, it can not always consider its own weight, such as the need to carry, will be more recommended to have the advantage of lightweight aluminum alloy or carbon fiber tripod, aluminum tripod and carbon fiber tripod is the main difference in their weight. Carbon fiber tripod will be more lightweight than aluminum tripod, if you want a more lightweight tripod, you can consider the carbon fiber tripod, carbon fiber tripod prices will be higher than aluminum, as long as you can use this lightweight products in outdoor activities, not only can save physical strength, increase the distance that can be moved, but also make photography activities more relaxed and fun!

The greater the range of extension, the more available for a variety of styles of shooting

The biggest advantage of the pocket tripod is its portability, so the design must be inseparable from the folding, telescoping structure, before buying should pay attention to its maximum and minimum height, and usually a large extension of the style is easier to use in different scenes of photography; in addition, with other non-“mini” tripod, the minimum and maximum height will vary from product to product, please be sure to confirm in advance the reader.

When used in mountain climbing, the background to the landscape for the souvenir photo is recommended to use the height of the tripod; on the contrary, if you want to shoot the ground climbing vine type of alpine plants, it is appropriate to choose a height lower than the line of sight products. Don’t forget to set up the scene and the object to be photographed, and use this as a criterion to select the specifications of the tripod before purchasing.

Recommended equipped with a quick release plate on the pocket tripod

Equipped with a quick release plate (quick release plate) tripod head to facilitate the disassembly of the camera, only need to install the quick release plate on the camera in advance, when you need to take pictures can be quickly stuck into the groove, and complete the camera and tripod settings. In particular, the crowded viewpoints, do not want to spend a lot of time setting up, but also can not directly mount the camera on the tripod to take away, when this type of design products can perfectly solve all the problems.

According to the need to choose the type of head

Mini tripod head can be divided into two main types, one is no grip, you can directly adjust the camera angle and direction of the ball head; the other is equipped with a grip grip type head, then come together to see the characteristics of each of these two!

Ball head: lightweight and easy to carry

This type can easily adjust the angle of the camera up and down, is from macro photography to motion capture can be useful universal head, and there are many lightweight products on the market, in addition to daily shooting can easily get started, in mountain climbing or multi-day travel use also helps to reduce the burden of luggage.

However, even with a certain weight-bearing capacity of the small ball head, may also be due to the weight of the camera, balance and tripod set-up conditions, and affect its ability to fix or cause the camera to slide, so if you pay attention to stability, or want to be as accurate as possible when fine-tuning the composition, it is recommended to refer to the following to introduce the grip head.
Grip head: freely adjustable horizontal and vertical angle

Grip head

Grip head can be fine adjustment of horizontal and vertical angles, recommended for readers who often shoot landscapes and need to fine-tune their compositions, which can be subdivided into three-way and two-way heads, the former with two grips for adjusting horizontal and vertical angles, while the latter with a grip to adjust up and down.

The two-way head is simpler than the three-way structure and has more lightweight options, but the drawback is that the camera screen cannot be adjusted in vertical and horizontal directions after installation. In addition, although the grip head allows for fine adjustment of the angle, it also causes limitations on the range of movement, and sometimes the camera even needs to be removed in order to readjust the angle, so readers who mind this part may wish to use a spherical head.

Pocket tripod material

Pocket tripod material is really quite a lot, but the market is common tripod material on so many kinds, so what are the common materials of tripods?

  • high strength plastic material: this material tripod is cheap, but because it is plastic, the durability is not high, and it is easy to fall, it is not recommended to get this material tripod!
  • alloy material: the most common is the aluminum alloy tripod, aluminum alloy tripod advantages do not too much, moderate price, light weight, easy to carry, and also very durable and fall-resistant.
  • steel material: steel and alloy material tripod are similar, but the steel material tripod will be a little heavier.
  • carbon fiber tripod: carbon fiber material tripod is a new type of tripod, it is very tough and light, but the price will be a little on the expensive side. Carbon fiber tripod texture is also very good!

Sirui 3T-35 Mini Pocket Tripod

pocket tripod

2-in-1 tripod kit, three legs can be 180°reverse fold-up to use as selfie stick or hand-held video recording. Its telescopic center axis can be disassembled or retrofitted as required, and the head can be mounted directly to the tripod for low-angle photography. In addition, it is also equipped with a hiking buckle and a dedicated storage bag, easy to hang it on the user’s backpack or belt, in the outdoor need to shoot wildlife can quickly access, never miss a wonderful moment.

In addition, this product has a 360-degree free rotation space, the head also has a convenient positioning of the scale mark, can be used to take panoramic photos can not be more suitable, whether you like hiking, hiking, or simply want to take still photos of friends, you can use this tripod to shoot amazing video works!

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PIXI EVO 2 Mini Tripod

pocket tripod 2

Manfrotto has launched many popular tripods and camera peripherals, and is one of the internationally renowned brands. The PIXI EVO is a red dot design award-winning tripod with a retractable structure that allows the tripod to have a total of five different heights and lengths that can be finely adjusted to match the shooting situation, and the aluminum structure is relatively strong; the beautifully shaped spherical head is small and complete, and the side locking structure is like a smaller version of a normal tripod, making it easy and convenient to use.

Because the overall design is very simple, without any redundant parts, so only 20cm when stored, very easy to carry and use, especially up to 2.5kg of weight capacity, even when carrying a digital monocular camera with a long focal length lens is also extremely easy, regardless of amateur or professional use is believed to meet the needs.

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Joby GripTight ONE

pocket tripod 3

JOBY is famous for its “octopus foot” tripod, JB47 is a small product, but still has great flexibility in use, in addition to the weight of only about 60g, no burden when carrying, the head part is also specially strengthened, the use of stainless steel core with miniaturized ball head, both durability and operability, rotate 90 ° to the side to easily shoot The straight photos and videos can be taken easily by rotating 90° to the side.

And can be arbitrarily concave folded deformation of the support foot, is the biggest feature of this series of mini tripod. Due to the use of ball joints with magnetic feet, regardless of the height of any adjustment or want to fix on the armrest and other non-flat are no problem at all, can use a variety of unexpected angles for shooting.

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Pocket Tripod you should avoid from

How to determine whether you need a mini tripod: first of all, such as you are more like to shoot the landscape, night photography enthusiasts, you must get a tripod, because the tripod in the environment of these shots play a role that you can not imagine, want to maintain a clean picture you must use a tripod. If you just want to simply record life, you can actually not buy a tripod.

How to see the stability of the tripod: remember the phrase, don’t buy a tripod with legs that are too thin! Too thin tripod leg tube stability is not high, and the use of uneasy.

Tripod weight: for most people using tripods, tripods are required to carry out, so the lightness of the tripod is particularly important, after all, who do not want to carry a heavy tripod out, if the budget is sufficient, you can choose a carbon fiber tripod, this material is very light tripod!

Pocket tripod use tips:

In the time of shooting, we can first examine the surrounding environment, carefully composed before considering the tripod’s footing, such a way of operation to save time and effort, is a good choice.

To want the stability of the tripod becomes high, we must ensure that the weight of the camera is evenly placed on the three legs of the tripod, before using the tripod is to let the tripod’s central axis and the ground to maintain vertical.


Q: What kind of shooting scenarios can mini tripods be used for?

Star trails (time lapse): It takes at least thirty seconds to shoot the stars, and you won’t get a clear image without putting the camera on a tripod.
Macro: when shooting macro, almost nothing depth of field, hands accidentally shake if they will be out of focus, anti-shake necessary tripod Oh!
Night scene: when shooting night scenes, you need a very slow shutter, with a tripod will easily solve this problem, so that the night scene easier to shoot.

Q: Pocket Tripod should be how to choose?


Tripod stability: tripod stability is very important, tripod has a “maximum weight” so to consider the weight of their own equipment, and then choose a tripod. Tripod stability is mainly determined by the number of sections of the tripod, the number of sections of the tripod stability is not high, generally three to four sections is enough.
Tripod material: in terms of lightness, carbon fiber > alloy material > steel material. But the price of carbon fiber is also more expensive.

Q: What are the components of the mini tripod?

Tripod legs: tripod legs can be contracted, tripod legs to play a stabilizing role.

Head: The head is the place to place the shooting equipment, the head will generally provide a bubble level, some heads have a night light lighting.

Handle: the handle of the tripod is to control the angle of the shooting equipment. Handle through the principle of leverage allows the user to easily control the shooting angle of the head.

Quick release plate: quick release plate allows the shooting equipment between the tripod and handheld to convert each other to improve the efficiency of shooting.


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