Beginer’s Guide: Podcast Light For Video Stream

Why Podcast Light

With the prevalence of short videos and podcasting, how to shoot high-quality images has become a problem that many people have to face. In besides the shooting equipment itself, lighting is a very important factor. This requires us to choose a suitable fill light or podcast light.

In addition to the support of social networking websites, there are more and more people who operate self-media to share their lives and engage in side business. In order to make the image of oneself more clear and stereoscopic, and to improve the shooting effect and color quality, the ring light, which is suitable for frontal lighting to reduce shadows and also has the effect of beautiful skin, can be said to be quite worth investing in fill light equipment.

1. What is the use of fill light for podcasting?


Before understanding fill light, we need to understand the soul of photography – light; whether it is photography or video, the importance of light to the picture is self-evident. So what are the properties of light worth studying and considering?

First of all, the intensity of light, simply put, the light is not bright, which directly affects the exposure and light ratio of the picture. This is reflected in the indicator of fill light, which is the “illuminance” of the fill light in lux, usually at a distance of 0.5m and at the same color temperature value for comparison.

The second is the contrast of light, that is, whether the light is soft or hard, here is a little knowledge: the larger the area of the light source, the softer the light, reflected light is softer than direct light; reflected in the fill light, is the size of the light source area and whether it can be matched with accessories.

Further is the color of light, mainly contains the color temperature and specific color. Reflected in the fill light is whether the color temperature is adjustable, whether it is two adjustable or infinitely adjustable; in addition, some fill lights can be used with cell phone app to adjust the RGB value to adjust a variety of colors. 2.

The difference between continuous podcast light and flashlight

The podcast light we are discussing here actually refers to the continuous light fill light, according to the concept of fill light in a broad sense, flash is also a kind of fill light.

The podcast light we are talking about in a narrow sense is generally a continuous light LED fill light, as the name implies, the light is continuously illuminated; flash light as the name implies is a momentary flash light.

Continuous light podcasting fill light

Advantages: visible can be obtained, for novice friendly, easy to master, and suitable for a variety of video and photo shooting scenes.

Disadvantages: the intensity of light is not quite enough, in addition to the color temperature restoration and color display than the flash.

Flash light

Advantages: an instant burst of light intensity, good texture, can freeze the moment.
Disadvantages: can only be used for photography, can not work in the video scene; in the photo can not be visible can be obtained, the user requirements are high.

Take photos, flash and continuous light led lights are available.
Shoot video, buy continuous light LED podcasting fill light.

Two podcasting light classification

According to the use of the scene can be basically divided into two kinds of indoor podcasting fill light and portable podcasting fill light.

Indoor mainly divided into ring lights and conventional constant light.

Special fill light for live podcasting: roughly the following chart, the advantage is affordable, a light can basically, but the light can control the angle is relatively small; beauty bloggers and eating broadcast with this light the most.

Outdoor portable according to the shape of the basic can be divided into ordinary square and stick type (also called ice lamp).

Three choose fill light need to pay attention to:

  • Fill light effect, that is, the light level, the unit is lux, theoretically the higher the light level, the better the fill light effect.
  • Color rendering index, the higher the color rendering index, the more able to restore the color of the photographic object or person, the basic requirement of fill light is ≥ 92
  • Control, because not everyone is a professional photographer videographer, so the simpler the operation, the better, remote control or app Operation is a plus.
  • Battery life, for the portable fill light carried when shooting outside, its battery life is also a very important indicator.

How to Choose the Right Podcast Light

With the rise of selfie, live streaming trend, the use of podcasting ring light demand is no longer limited to professional photographers, and the emergence of price and function of a variety of different styles and applicable shooting equipment. Therefore, before entering the list, will introduce several points that can assist in the selection, in order to sort out the appropriate direction of buying.

Choose the right size of podcast ring light according to your needs

Ring light can be set up from cell phones, cameras on the small models, to be placed on the desktop, the ground, large upright models are available, which in addition to the size of the lamp to provide a slightly different irradiation range, volume, height will affect the use of time and occasion. Therefore, the following also focuses on the common size and style, the general description of its characteristics and the applicable environment.

Clip-on / desktop podcast light for small area fill light or macro shooting

Can be placed on the desktop or mounted on cell phones, computers, cameras, small ring light, the size of most 11 inches (diameter of about 28cm) or less, and can only provide a small area, short distance fill light effect. Lightweight, easy to carry and can be moved with the device, in addition to daily selfie, video calls, but also very suitable for only half of the live needs of the community to choose.

In addition, some of the 4 to 6 inches (diameter of about 16cm or less) models will use a clip-type base, convenient for users to fix on the edge of the table, above the screen; and even use the adapter ring installed on the camera lens, so that small lights can not only be used for face fill light, but also for macro photography to bring concentrated and sufficient light effect.

Lighting range wide, large / upright live light for professional photography

If you need to shoot the whole body of the person, or want to let the desktop, the surrounding objects into the mirror clearly, it is recommended to choose a style larger than 18 inches (diameter of about 45cm) or more, in order to be able to shoot under a certain distance the complete inclusion of objects and provide a strong enough light source.

Although this type of ring light, usually need to be set up safely with a tripod, not only the weight and volume is large and take up space, storage is also slightly too troublesome, but the larger than the head of the light ring size, but in the focus on the front of the face to create a bright and soft beauty effect, for professional photographers specializing in face photography, beauty live, Youtuber, etc., is still worth considering as a priority model

With multiple color temperature, brightness adjustment can be used more diversified

As the image color, atmosphere will be affected by the light source warm and cold and brightness, and due to the morning and evening, the weather and indoor and outdoor environment, will produce different changes. Therefore, with multi-segment/infinite color temperature and brightness adjustment models, you can freely switch between cool, natural and warm color light, or directly make subtle numerical adjustments from warm color about 2700K to cool color 6000K without any segment; and although the brightness will be affected by the manufacturer’s brand, making the actual intensity slightly different, it can still generally provide 10 segments or 0% to 100% adjustment settings to easily meet the needs of various environments.

Power supply type

Ring lights can be broadly classified into three types: USB, battery and DC powered. Some of the smaller models can also be used directly with dry batteries, eliminating the need to connect to a power line.

On the other hand, larger models or those with higher power wattage may use rechargeable batteries with DC transformers to maintain stable power output while being convenient for on-the-go use. However, the power mode and specifications vary slightly from brand to brand, and there are many products with combined power supply, so basically, just choose the model that fits your usage habits.

Watch out for other convenient accessories

Live or shooting photos, videos, always need to carry and set up such as cell phones, cameras, microphones and other equipment, in order to allow consumers to be prepared for a time, many products in the market will give free phone clips or PTZ, easy to fix the camera apparatus; designed for live self-timer sets, may also come with a microphone clip, remote control and other accessories. As for those who need to carry out, there is also a special storage bag style can help protect the lamp. Selection may wish to confirm the relevant accessories in advance, will be able to make the use of ring lights more smoothly.

Find out the best podcast light online:

1. Sensyne 10” Ring Light

The Sensyne Selfie ring light features a high-sensitivity touch panel design that has a longer life than traditional mechanical buttons. It provides full control to easily adjust the 3 color modes (cool white, warm yellow and daylight) and 10 brightness levels to suit your different needs. Perfect for Photographers, YouTubers, Vloggers, TikTokers, etc.

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2. Cyezcor Video Conference Lighting Kit

These podcast lights have 3 color temperatures (white light/warm light/natural light) that are 3200k-6800k, 5 brightness adjustment levels, and 48 LED light beads with 10W brightness. Easily change your ideal lighting with the switch, to make your skin more perfect and more suitable to your environment.

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3. Neewer Led Video Light Panel Lighting Kit

Dual color soft LED light: Each light is composed of 192 LED beads (96 warm yellow + 96 cool white); Adjustable cold and warm two-color temperature (3200K-5600K); Brightness can be adjusted from 0 to 100%; Ultra-high CRI 97+ can help you achieve accurate color rendering and HD effect. This soft light is ideal for portrait photography, YouTube videos, live broadcasts, interviews, Zoom video conferencing and photography.

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In the End

Podcast light is just a tool to fill in the light, what can be shot depends entirely on you, with podcast fill light, I suggest that you must systematically learn the knowledge of lighting, or master a few common fill light program, so that your fill light can play to the maximum value.

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