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OEM camera module - Customization


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We know building a new USB camera module (OEM) is never easy, at wannatek, what we do is make that simple!
when we start customized OEM camera module we will follow the process as below.

helping you in the Design process

How We Work

OEM camera module

Structure and size of camera module

Camera module, in fact is a board level camera in most case. It is a part of your application, so we need to know its structure and size before customization, because it is embedded in your application, only the size have been determined, our professional design team can start to design the optimal pcb for your unique application according to the size.

  • Customized board size.
  • Customized functions

Image resolutions and frame rates

Many cameras are designed for different applications and environments. The cameras used in different environments are not the same. For example, in normal indoor lighting environments with low pixel requirements, I recommend the our camera mdoule OV5640. If you under low-light condition, we will recommend WDR camera, our engineering team can provide the most professional solution according to the specific requirements of customers, of course, we must consider the cost and budget.

  • Match the right resolution, no wasting
  • Using the suitable frame rate
OEM camera module
OEM camera module

FOV of the camera

The lens angle, commonly known as FOV, is a major factor in determining the are of a camera can capture. The larger the angle, the wider the shooting range. We provide hundreds of lens combinations, or you can use the specific lens selection specified by the customer.

  • Different Lens is optional.
  • Match the FOV base on your application

Suitable sensors and dsp

Sensor and dsp is the core part of a camera. The price of different sensor and dsp solutions is also very different under the same resolution

  • Using the stable sulotion
  • No recyle component are using
OEM camera module
OEM camera module

Firmware and SKD

We provide firmware modification service and windows sdk for secondary development.

  • Modify the firmware base on requirement
  • Provide professional support