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Industial Camera Module For Medical & Beauty

Industrial camera modules refer to camera equipment that can be applied to industrial field, which have the requirements to adapt to the complex industrial environment and can work stably for a long time. Industrial cameras refer to video image capture equipment that can be applied to industrial sites stably and efficiently. The images can be directly stored on the hard disk. Compared with ordinary cameras, industrial camera module are in terms of resolution, frame rate, light requirements, and exposure methods. Etc. are highly comparable, and the main component is CMOS & CCDphotosensitive chip.

USB camera module manufacturer

Embedded Industrial Camera Vision for Medical & beauty industry

Camera module is an important part of an embedded vision system for the Medical & beauty industrial, Whether it is a USB camera module or a MIPI camera. Wannatek camera module is to provide the perfect match of an imaging system, to provide customers with high-quality images and customized modules. Nowadays, with the increasing maturity of the technology and falling costs, it has become possible to add an “eye” to different devices.

Camera module functions:

  • Motion detection technology
  • Integration to specific enviroment with customized size.
  • Multi-lens for options
  • UVC protocol compatible
  • Different Sensor brands to choose from
  • USB 2.0, USB3.0 or MIPI interface
  • Different options for resolution


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