Camera Module Manufacturing Processes:Tips To Selecting A Right Camera Module

Given that the camera module component plays an increasingly crucial role in digital products, allow\’s learn more regarding it so that you can make the right choices worrying camera module of your products. We\’re mosting likely to give some pointers and also the manufacturing procedure of camera components in the following content.   
Prior to we get down to the production procedure of a camera component, it is very important that we obtain just how the sensing unit is jam-packed clear. Because the way of product packaging affects the production procedure.

Sensor Package on Board

Sensor is a vital component in the video camera module. In the manufacturing procedure of a camera component, there are two methods to pack the sensor: chip scale package ( CSP) and chip on board ( COB).

Chip scale package (CSP)

CSP suggests the bundle of the sensor chip has an area no higher than 1.2 times that of the chip itself. It\’s done by the sensing unit maker, as well as typically there is a layer of glass covering the chip.

Chip on board (COB)

COB suggests the sensing unit chip will certainly be straight bonded to PCB (printed circuit card) or FPC (flexible printed circuit). COB process is part of the electronic camera module manufacturing process, therefore it\’s done by the cam component supplier. 

Differences Between the 2 Package Processes

Contrasting both product packaging choices, CSP process is much faster, more precise, much more costly, as well as might create poor light passage, while COB is much more space-saving, more affordable, however, the process is much longer, the return trouble is bigger, as well as can’t be repaired.

The manufacturing process of a camera module.

For electronic camera components utilizing CSP:

-SMT ( surface mount technology):
very first prepare the FPC, after that affix the CSP to FPC. It’s usually performed in a large range. 

-Cleaning and division:
tidy the large motherboard after that cut it into standard items. 

-VCM ( voice coil electric motor) assembly: 
assemble the VCM to the holder utilizing adhesive, then baker the component. Solder the pin. 

-Lens setting up:
put together the lens to the holder utilizing adhesive, after that bake the module. 

-Entire component assembly:
 Attach the lens module to circuit board via ACF (anisotropic conductive film) bonding maker.

-Lens evaluation and also focusing. 

-QC assessment and also packaging .

For camera module using COB:


-Prepare the FPC. 

-Conduct COB process:
Die bonding: bond the sensing unit chip onto FPC.

– Wire bonding: Bond extra wire to deal with the sensing unit. 

– VCM assembly and the rest of the procedures coincide as the CSP module How to select a correct camera module 

Tips to Select A Right Camera Module

Early in the design stage, you need to think about as well as establish the pixel, the size, and also the sort of cam component. Due to the fact that for sure item, it’s close to impossible to alter once these criteria are chosen,
Check if the video camera component you pick is suitable with the platform, or more exactly, the SOC (system on chip) which the particular gadget is using. 

Figure out the imaging direction on the basis of the structure as well as the positioning of the cam component. The software program can adjust a 180 ° imaging instructions while it can not do the 90 ° one.    

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