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Camera Module Manufacturer

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Not just the manufacturer of USB camera module

Wannatek is the Embedded camera module manufacturer with more then 10 years experience, and most important, we are professional developer of camera module supplier with a strong R&D team on our side. Our product cover CMOS camera module, USB camera module from 0.3mp – 13mp.


PCB developing and SMT

Building the PCB design base on the requirements and manufacturing


Raw meterial inspection

Inspection all materials before going to the assembling line



Assembling the CMOS Sensor, lens and other supporting materials


Writing the program

Writing the default or customized program into the MCU.


Focus adjusting

nspecting all functions of the camera before package.



Inspecting all functions of the camera before package.


Curing Oven

Glue and fixed the lens in the UV oven.


Package and shipping

Package with export box and shipping to the customer

Modern Factory

Our factory is equipped with advanced dust-free workshop and reflow soldering, constant temperature soldering iron, microscope, UV Oven, the most important thing is over 50 skilled workers, more than 3 well-developed product assembly lines, are assuring the stable quality of our camera module manufacturing.

Demand and Quality

All our mini camera products are customizable and will be adjusted focus distance and focus test according to customer requirements before the packaging and finally undergo strict quality tests, and these tests will be carried out in a dust-free workshop while being operated by skilled workers to ensure that our camera module does not get into the dust.

USB Camera module manufacturer

Efficient manufacturer & supplier chain

Wannatek, an usb camera module manufacturer based in China, has been consistently delivering custom camera module products for over 10 years, Equipped with advanced production machines and skilled workers, we ensure that each of our products will satisfy our customers. All production is performed in a cleanroom to prevent dust from contaminating the sensor and lens. Years of management and development to the supply chain, have enabled us to purchase high-quality raw materials at relatively low prices. It is also a guarantee that we can provide customers with high-quality camera modules in the long run.
USB Camera module manufacturer

Only using the right

In embedded camera module industrial, we always said “the water is deep” , that means the quality standard is huge, there are many “trick” inside. And it is common to use reclaim part in manufacturing. But with wannatek, we doing a life-time business, instead of one-time deal. We know deep down there only the win-win situation is the basis for business success, and strategic cooperation is the development orientation and guarantee of the company.
USB Camera module manufacturer

Professinal design team and R&D

After hundreds project of embedded camera module vision, Hundreds of camera projects completed in the past have made our strong team with research and development capabilities which have been greatly enhanced. Innovation is the continuous driving force for the company’s development. We believe that our high-quality and teamwork in cooperation with the factory’s production will definitely complete the expectations of customers.
USB Camera module manufacturer

Great before and after service

Communication is a profound technology, which is basically an in-depth understanding of the product. Every wannatek employee will be trained by the company’s professional board level camera knowledge before taking the post, and each sales staff is an engineer. This greatly saves the cost of communication, reduces time consumption for our customers, improves efficiency, and provides efficient pre-sales and after-sales service.