Best 3 Point Slinger For Camera (How to choose)

How To Choose The Best 3 Point Slinger For Camera

Camera accessories like the 3 point slinger are often not the most exciting camera accessories, but when you make your living from photography, it’s important to find the right 3 point slinger for camera. To stay comfortable under long shooting conditions, while still being able to pick up the camera in time not to miss any shot, a good strap is vital.

When we take pictures, we often neglect the experience when shooting. In fact, for the use of 3 point slinger with the camera, it is also a point that can not be ignored. I often see people who have been using the original matching shoulder straps, but a well-configured camera straps can be more comfortable and efficient to shoot.

3-Point Slinger V.s. 2-Point Slinger?

For amateurs, the 2-Point Slinger that comes with the camera may be enough, but if you are a professional photographer or a heavy user of the camera, the requirements for the strap mount are changing. The 2-Point also allows you to capture superior quality photos without paying too much attention to the position of the camera Also worth noting is that the 3-Point Slinger makes you more stable and uniform when taking photos because it is firmly locked in place. Speaking of convenience, the 2-point sling is also a drawback – it doesn’t lock your gear as securely as the 3-point sling.

When choosing a 3 point slinger for your camera, you should keep the following points in mind

1. The type of camera you have

Remember to consider the capabilities of the camera, whether it’s a DSLR, a dumb camera or a sports camera. A 3-point slinger designed for heavier cameras will definitely be more expensive than a compact camera. In addition, depending on the type of camera, features and overall performance may vary.

2. Weight of the camera

The 3-point slinger for digital SLR cameras is different from the thrower for dumb cameras. It is specifically designed to distribute the weight of the camera evenly so it doesn’t swing or bump into things. This is important if you are carrying a delicate or heavy camera. A three-point sling is more comfortable and practical than a two-point sling, especially if you are carrying a heavy camera.

3. Your shooting style

Find a camera sling that fits your shooting style and make sure you get one that is made for that purpose. Know your modes and determine if they can be used in conjunction with a sling. For example, if you are left-handed, look for a slinger that will not restrict your movement.

4. Materials

The material of the 3 point slinger is important for several reasons. First, you want to make sure the slinger is made of durable material and will last a long time. Second, the material should fit comfortably against your skin. You don’t want it to become itchy or itchy throughout the day. Finally, you want to make sure the material is waterproof in bad weather.

5. Frequency of use

If you are a professional and plan to use the 3-point slinger on your camera often, then you need to make sure it is made of durable material and is sturdy. If photography is a hobby and you only use it occasionally, then you may be able to choose a cheaper option.

6. Price

A professional 3 point slinger for camera can cost too much money. Understanding your needs and meeting your photography needs is essential. If you are serious about photography and want to take photos at a professional level, buy an intermediate camera hoist with basic settings. Once you learn how to adjust the camera ring, you can spend more money on it.

The Advantages Of 3-Piont Camera Slinger

  • The quick-adjusting slider design allows the camera to be placed safely on your side, and can also be quickly pulled down to slide out the length of the The artificial mechanics of the design allows the
  • The artificial mechanics of the design evenly distributes weight, making the load feel much lighter.
  • The knob closure automatically adjusts the angle according to the curve of the body.
  • Light and thin, easy to carry to make photography more convenient, does not occupy too much space of the camera bag.
  • Almost all cameras are suitable.

Best 3 Point Slinger for Camera (Options)

BLACKRAPID (Best of Choice)

Practical multifunctional, extendable accessories
Camera decompression side back of the founding brand of the United States BLACKRAPID gunman, its buckle, fabric material design innovation, especially the strap can be extended out of the relevant accessories, such as the body shape of the reader, through the extension of the strap to make the camera fit the body shape, to provide a full range of photographic experience.

The recommended product is known for its high permeability, waterproof, and decompression design, more subdivided into left and right-handed two, to facilitate the user to quickly capture, is recommended for the pursuit of high practical functionality, adventure outdoor appearance of photography enthusiasts reference.

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The waka C14B 3 point camera slinger is designed with safety and durability as the primary consideration, while it is comfortable to wear. The underarm strap and the camera locking buckle on the strap are designed to enhance the stability of the camera and the strap when in use. Equipped with a metal quick release, making it compatible with any DSLR camera with a standard ¼” tripod Equipped with a metal quick release, making it compatible with any DSLR camera with a standard ¼” tripod bolt (Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc.).

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The Foto&Tech Professional Camera 3 point slinger is optimized for the photographer on the go, with quality nylon material and a strong screw lock to hold your camera The Foto&Tech Camera Strap is optimized for the photographer on the go, with quality nylon material and a strong screw lock to hold your camera firmly in place while allowing you to fully perform your daily photo shoot.

This camera strap is lightweight, durable and comfortable to use. The strap is ergonomically designed to distribute weight evenly by way of a shoulder pad The user-friendly design allows the photographer to quickly move the camera to the best ready position with one quick movement. The standard screw quick-release plate locks the camera securely. This strap fits most DSLR/DSLR cameras and camcorders on the market.

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2 Point Slinger

Peak Design SL-BK-3 Slide

Compared to the classic model, the slide can be said to be a lightweight model, if it is a large body with a large barrel that is definitely not recommended. The main color of black with red accents is very aesthetically pleasing, and a daily selfie is also pleasing to the eye. As a tried and tested shoulder strap, the functional design is absolutely reasonable. Length adjustment and buckle are very smooth, non-slip shoulder strap is also robust, whether it is hanging neck, slant back or crossbody, comfortable, and proper.

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