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Board Level Camera – 3mp

Board level camera

Explore the latest board level camera technology

Our USB board level camera module is suitable for various devices like laptop, kiosk, monitoring device, toys, which need embedded camera system Wannatek has been producing board level cameras for 10 years. With a professional R&D team and a complete set of testing equipment, we can provide you with a customized USB camera module according to your business needs.For your specific needs, please contact our camera module engineer.

Current Products

WNT-0330-USB camera module is using an On-semi AR0330 Image sensor which is a 1/3-inch CMOS digital image sensor with an active pixel array of 2304Hx1536V , UVC compliant, Plug and Play, Immersion Gold process PCB, high quality and stable image output, fully supporting customized board size and have different options for Lens. Application: ADAS, robots, 3D imaging, video, artificial intelligence, embedded Vision, access control, surveillance…
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Do you have customized requestment for the camera module?

Customized board size, lens angle(FOV), focus distance or other request, please contact for more details!