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Hight Resolution

High Resolution USB Camera - 13MP

13MP High Resolution USB Camera is our new developing embedded board camera, with a Sony IMX214 13mp definition high quality senor. with an excellent image processor. Different lens options and allowing customers to choose and use the lens according to their needs; the 13mp camera module is fully supporting customized such as board size, lens focus, interface… They are all plug-and-play cameras for Windows (UVC compatible) and Linux. The 13MP sensor perform excellent image quality, equipped with image sensor, a high-definition glass lens, an ultra-clear video compression algorithm, automatically parses the picture, and the picture is clear and smooth; built-in high-sensitivity noise reduction stereo microphone, long pickup distance; Support the secondary development integration of Windows, Android, Linux systems.

Current Products

WNT-214A-USB 13MP camera module is using a Sony IMX214 Image sensor which is a 1/3.06-inch CMOS digital image sensor with an active-pixel array of 4192(H)x3104(V), Auto foucs, UVC compliant, Plug and Play, Immersion Gold process PCB, high quality and stable image output, fully supporting customized board size and have different options for Lens.
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Do you have customized requestment for the camera module?

Customized board size, lens angle(FOV), focus distance or other request, please contact for more details!