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USB Camera Module,
CMOS Camera Module

We help to Bring innovation vision for your device. Offering Complete design service and manufacturing for the usb and Mipi/Dvp camera module.

USB2.0 camera module | USB 3.0 camera module | MIPI camera module

Customized your own USB camera module under low developing cost, get sample within 15 working day!

Found the perfect camera module but need to resize it? Or maybe you got an uncommon product that requires uncommon dimensions for your camera module? With numerous possibilities available, Supertek is your solution to all of these problems.


See the project & applications the USB camera module used in

it commen to use camera module in different application in order to build vision system or capture image.



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Why us? Beacuse we are an reliable partner on the USB board camera business.

USB Camera module  advantages

Fast Delivery

Sending camera modules with high quality in Max 14 days, sample will finish in 7 days.

USB Camera module  advantages


We offer customization service for the camera module from camera board size to Lens

USB Camera module  advantages

Low Development Cost

Plan to bulid a divice with camera? You can expect us to develop a solution with low development cost within 2–3 weeks.

USB Camera module  advantages

Flexible Order Ways

We don't have Minimum Order Quantity required and any order quality is welcome

Start to make your own “eye”
for your innovation device

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Manufacturing Process Video

Using the automatic attached machine for die attached

High Automatic Manufacturing Process

wannatek manufacturer have equited white different automatic and semi-automitc machines, and will continus to invest on the machines, It is the insurance of our stable quality of camera module

  • Use the best quality raw matirial ( Lens and Sensors)
  • Assemble in Clean room by the sophiscatic worker
  • Highly automated production process

Customization Service

It is common to design an uniqe camera module just for your application per requirement

  • Free consultation for evaluation
  • Low NRE cost and short delivery period
  • Moderate Bulk price with NO MOQ

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Professional Manufacturer

We are a manufacturer with 10 years experience and design and product different camera for many different project

  • Professional production workshop
  • Mature supplier chain
  • Effective and Fast logistics system

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